Waiting Room | Pradaxa® Patient Profiles | Boehringer Ingelheim

Who can benefit from dabigatran today?

Which of these patients have you seen in your waiting room? Explore our patient profiles and consider how YOU might treat each patient.  


Mia is currently taking rivaroxaban for nonvalvular atrial fibrillation (NVAF), but she is concerned about a serious side effect with her treatment. How would you help Mia? 


Katharine has been taking warfarin for several years and is tired of the treatment burden. What would you recommend for Katharine?


James was recently diagnosed with NVAF but hasn’t started treatment yet. Starting on an anticoagulant is a big step for James, and he wants to fully understand his options. What would you discuss with James?


Laura has been diagnosed with NVAF and is still learning about her treatment options. She is a “young” 79-year-old who is still very active. What OAC would you consider for Laura?